Designed by celebrated Welsh design duo Freshwest, Shadow Figures are a collection of mini sculptures that capture silhouettes of people from around their native Welsh coastline.


...We are fascinated with the anonymity of these silhouettes and the presence that their shadows give them. Each figure documents an actual event, a real person, a moment in time, but their anonymity allows you to create your own stories and characters. You can arrange them to interact with each other or with objects in the home. It’s like returning to childhood, when we created landscapes out of ripples in a blanket or objects on a table.


So far we have created fourteen designs to choose from. The detail captured in each character gives the figures a true life like presence. A simple way to add playful contemplation to any space in your home...

Shadow Figures are laser cut from 1mm steel and finished with a matt black oxide patina. The figures come beautifully packaged, cleverly flat-packed with simple instructions on how to fold them into shape.


We hope you love them as much as we do.

The Shadow Figures story


Shadow Figures

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