Shadow Figure No. 01

A beautifully simple sculpture for the home.


These silhouetted figures transform any shelf, desk or mantelpiece into a small-scale world of your creation. Place them in groups of two or three or dot them amongst your trinkets, photos and fruit bowls to make your own installations and landscapes.  


A moment in time captured on beaches and promenades around the Welsh coastline, reimagined for your own home.

Shadow Figure No. 01

SKU: 0001
  • Each design is individually packaged and comes with easy to follow instructions on how to bend into shape.


    Once bent to the 90 degree angle, position on a flat surface. Be sure to fold all of your Shadow Figures in the identical direction so the shadows are cast in the same way. Do not re-bend once made.


    Made from 1mm thick blackened steel.

    Packaging : 24 x 16 x 0.5 cm

    Designed In Wales

    Clean with a damp soft cloth

    Not Suitable for children

Shadow Figures

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